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20FT Without A Cooling Tower Built-in

20FT Without A Cooling Tower Built-in

JZX-20-600 Immersion Liquid Cooling Container

Specifications      610KW I 120 Rack space for Antminer S19

Shipping Date:         Delivery within 45 days after payment

Payment Method: USD | USDT | USDC

Almost mute
With miners completely immersed in cooling liquid, noise is extremely low. Liquid cooling greatly decreases noise in comparison with air cooling.

Effective overclocking
Some miners can get a 40%-60% overclocking.

capacity 610KW
Order quantity (MOQ) 1
Dimensions 600*244*259cm
Internal Dimension 589.8*235.2*238.5cm
Inner size of cooling pool  278.7*75.7*56.4cm
Parameters (Take S19 series as an example) 120pcs
Major switch capacity 1250 A
Rated current 994A
Input voltage 380V~415V AC 50/60HZ
Operating power (Server not included) 10KW
Maximum Power 610KW
Fuel consumption 4200L (without miners running)


  • Easy installation
    Modular design and assembled deployment highly shorten the circle of implementation, increasing installation efficiency. Also, both sea freight and land transportation are easy.
  • Waste heat recycling
    90% heat energy from miners can be recycled in an efficient manner with the help of waste heat recovery technology, like supplying heat for your houses or swimming pool, or hot water supply, or making profits by heat supply, etc.
  • Safe and high-efficient heat exchange
    With the help of brazing plate heat exchanger, 20ft container works effectively and reliably in heat dissipation. The high-quality circulation pump decreases failures, making sure the equipment operates in a good manner.
  • Easy operation
    Module design makes cooling pools independent in control. There is a man-machine interaction interface on the container, so it’s easy for users to conduct remote monitoring by downloading an app in cellphone.
  • Cost saving
    Integrated design means a relatively complete cooling system is integrated into the container, thus helping reduce time and labor cost in construction. The container can be put into use once it gets power and connected with a cooling tower externally.
  • More durable and environmentally-friendly.
    Compared with the FRP cooling tower, our stainless water tower is more durable and environmentally-friendly.
  • Easy transportation and deployment
    The 20ft container is applied for a certificate of classification, making it easy, quick and convenient in transit, deployment and transfer. When some unexpected factors occur, such as hosting fee increasing, power fee going up, market downturn and policy changes, users are able to move it to other sites quickly.
  • Stable overclocking
    Immersion design offers a much stabler overclocking environment for miners, boosting mining efficiency.
  • Durability
    The 20ft container is made of stainless under joined and welded process, assuring stable operation, anti-corrosion and no oil leakage. The caps on the cooling pools stop cooling fluid from splashing.
  1. Overall shape and size of the product (length × width × height): 600*244*259cm, which can hold 112sets of Antminer S19
  2. 610KW immersion cooling container is composed of immersion cooling container body, shielded oil pump, brazing plate heat exchanger, The water cooling tower,etc.
  3. The device can connect to WIFI,Can be viewed remotely
  4. LCD makes the display clearer and more complete.
  5. Touch buttons offer users massive convenience in settings. More easily, customers can operate it through an APP on cellphone under the mode of WIFI.
  6. Simple installation and commission, high cost performance. It is equipped
  7. With an alarm of super-high temperature to monitor and control liquid levels and temperature on a real-time basis.
    With the protection devices of electricity leakage, the system provides reliable and efficient technical support for equipment protection and personal safety.

If your preferred payment method is Offline Payment or Wire Transfer, please get in contact with AladdinMiners team via email or online chat so we can assist you further with the order placement.

Offline Payment


TRC20:  Address① TL646SQSZZGNmm2PWAAniUacWYr7UmfjCL ; Address②  TFuKBR8fWpWeRvgbuFLnA1atsLpxxK6YQ5

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Bank Payment

Name: Aladdin supply chain management (hk) limited

Bank Name: China CITIC bank international limited

Bank Account:  774202722401


Bank code:  018


Please read all terms of shipment and payment before placing your order.

AladdinMiners has two warehouses, Shenzhen warehouse and Hong Kong warehouse. Our orders will be shipped from one of these two warehouses.

All mining products include postage; some products do not include postage, such as miner parts, immersion cooling system and mobile mining, if you need to place an order please contact us to account for your shipping costs.

1 – Packaging details: carton packing / per unit

2 – Worldwide delivery(Customer Request Acceptable): UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, TNT and Special Express Line (double-clear tax lines and door-to-door service for countries such as Thailand and Russia)

3 – Port: Shenzhen / Hong Kong

4 – Lead time: in 7 days after payment

Note: If you have any questions about the logistics information, please contact us immediately. We will track your shipment and get back to you as soon as possible.

Fedex3-7 days3~7 business days
UPS4-8 days
TNT3-8 days
DHL3-7 days
EMS5-15 days
DPEX3-6 days
Aramex3-9 days
Russia Express-SPSR14-25days


All items are non-refundable and orders not cancelable. (Except in the increase in mining machine prices due to the fluctuation of prices  or in the case of out of stock)


Warranty Limitations

We offer no warranty for pre-installed software, its quality, performance, functionality, or compatibility for a particular purpose. We do not warrant that the functions contained in the software will meet specific requirements or that the operation of the software will be uninterrupted or error-free. The product is sold “as is”.

To the extent permitted by applicable law, this warranty does not apply to:

  • normal wear and tear;
  • damage resulting from accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, improper handling or improper installation;
  • damage or loss of the product caused by undue physical or electrical stress, including but not limited to moisture, corrosive environments, high voltage surges, extreme temperatures, shipping, or abnormal working conditions;
  • damage or loss of the product caused by acts of nature including, but not limited to, floods, storms, fires, and earthquakes;
  • damage caused by operator error, or non-compliance with instructions as set out in accompanying documentation;
  • alterations by persons other than us, associated partners or authorized service facilities;
  • products, on which the original software has been replaced or modified by persons other than us, associated partners or authorized service facilities;
  • counterfeit products;
  • damage or loss of data due to interoperability with current and/or future versions of operating system, software and/or hardware;
  • damage or loss of data caused by improper usage and behavior which is not recommended and/or permitted in the product documentation;
  • failure of the product caused by usage of the products not supplied by us;
  • hash boards or chips are burnt.

Warranty Service

During the warranty period, we will undertake to repair, or based on our sole discretion, to replace a defective product by an identical or similar (e.g. newer) version of the product, unless the defect was the result of Warranty limitations. 

The costs incurred in connection with the return of the product, part, or component to our service processing facility shall be carried by the product owner. If the product, part, or component is returned uninsured, you assume all risks of loss or damage during shipment.

Warranty Period for GTX Graphic Card series

  • A three-month warranty is provided for all products under GTX Graphic Card series when used for mining.
  • A three-year warranty is provided for all products under GTX Graphic Card series when used for gaming.

Warranty Period for all Miners

  • The warranty period for brand new machines is 6 months
  • No warranty period for used machines
  • Antminer S19 series machine warranty period is 1 year


1 — Transportation costs and all other costs (if any) pertaining to the return of a product shall be under the sole responsibility of the purchaser. 

2 — The period of repair shall depend on the type of problems encountered. 

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